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Recognizing that agriculture is the primary industry of Brown County, the policy of Farmers State Bank & Trust Co. has always been to aid the farmer wherever and whenever possible. Many of the successful farmers of our community today made their start with the Farmers State Bank at a time when both the farmer and the bank were in a less than prosperous situation. Many of our customers have grown with us, with a resulting growth of the entire community. The bank has always tried to recognize the needs of local businesses as well, and many of them too have grown with us.
It will continue to be the Farmers State Bank & Trust Co.'s policy to aid where possible in the fields of agriculture, business, industry, and recreation, to better promote a well-rounded community with the resulting benefit to all. 


Board of Directors

Since its creation in 1914, Farmers has prided itself on being locally owned and operated.  Our current Board of Directors, listed below, continues that tradition.

Ed Teefey

Michael Yingling

James Hendricker

Lee Reich

Mark Roberts

Jeremy Flynn

Daniel Teefey


Jeremy Flynn
President / CEO

Tim Woodward
Vice President
Loan Officer

Ed Teefey

Nanette Flynn

Amy Hendricker
Retail Banker
Asst. Trust Officer

Brian Geisler
Loan Officer

James Rischar
Loan Officer

Kathy Still
I.T. Director

Linda Butler
Trust Officer

Sarah Moore
Loan Clerk

Katie Garbett

Tim Wachter
Asst. I.T. Director

Morgan Simpson

Barb Pool

Pat Etter

Debbie Davis

Monte Yakle

Della Wagner

Susan Houston

Daniel Boyd

Alicia Dodds

Kyle Long

Andrea Fink
Teller (Part-Time)


The Farmers State Bank & Trust Co. was organized April 14, 1914. The application was filed with James J. Brady, auditor of Public Accountants by Charles F. McHatton, Fred Waters, J.M. Murphy, W.H. McNeff, and J.H. Briggs. The application was approved and the charter issued on June 29, 1914 - Capital - $50,000, Surplus - $5,000. The bank opened for business on June 30, 1914. The original Board of Directors consisted of Charles F. McHatton, J.M. Murphy, W.H. McNeff, E.E. McCoy, Fred Waters, O.L. Patterson, and R.W. Fitzsimmons.

The original stockholders of the bank were: Chas. F. McHatton, L.R. Patterson, W.H. McNeff, O.T. Patterson, E.E.McCoy, Alex Baily, M.E. Baily, Clara Waters, Daniel Corrigan, Mrs. Rose Redmond, Bernard Brady, R.W. Fitzsimmons, H.L. Fristoe, Frank J. Hagel, J.C. Sweeney, David Bordenkircher, Peter A. Markert, James O. Briggs, Warren McNeff, John G. Geisler, Charles Markert, Edward E. Clark, Will Neylon, Pat Neylon, Ed Pendleton, James Langan, Catherne Langdon, Francis Brady, Eugene Hambaugh, C.A. Norton, Jane Brennan, Mrs. Estella J. Brockman, George L. Brockman, John H. Briggs, Theodore Hagel, Maurice Dunn, Fred Waters, I.N. Stout, J.M. Murphy, and J.N. Ashbaker.

Presidents and their tenure: Charles F. McHatton, 1914-1938; E.E. McCoy, 1939-1946; J.C.Sweeney, 1947-1950; E.W. Steinbeck, 1951-1974; Roy Clinard, 1975-1976; F.M. Hosford, 1977-1984; James F. Ray, 1985-1986; Ed Teefey, 1986-2018; Jeremy Flynn, 2019-present.

Cashiers and their tenure: J.H. Briggs, 1914-1920, G.A. Moody, 1921-1937; E.W. Steinbeck, 1937-1950; E.F. Poling, 1951-1967; F.M. Hosford, 1968-1976, Roger L. Wilson, 1977-2004; Nanette Flynn, 2004-Present.

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